Why Autoform Car Seat Covers are best choice ?


Writing this after 3 months of research to choose what is best for my car. I have done it all, visited tons of shops, read most of the post on Team BHP and other sites, browsed through multiple e-commerce to land on Autoform as my final choice.

The quality of product is good and the stitching is neat and gives a comfortable feel. Go for a textured finish as it will not stick to body. I read different reviews about the durable product quality. You also get a two year warranty.


Generally, what people do is to go for the products offered by their dealerships, well those are not different than any other car decor shop. Because most of car dealers outsource their decor business to certain vendors so its better to get such things done by yourself. Best choice is to go for company fitted leather interior if available.


Important part is to choose a skilled worker for the fitting. I went with the one who does the fitting at Nexa dealership for all Maruti Suzuki Baleno. His past work was excellent and has been doing this since past 10 years.


You can checkout Autoform products on their website http://autoformindia.com/, choose the one you like and get in touch with their dealers or retailers. People in Delhi/NCR are in luck as they have opened their retail outlets as well.

This is the product I went for, its design provides constant airflow and hence less sweating in summers. Its MRP was around INR 11000 (Pune) but retailer provided me with some discount.


17 U HST


If you have any questions or need any help do post in comments.



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