Vegas Pawn Stars and few old coins


“Las Vegas looks like the way you imagine heaven would look like at night.”

 What is the first thing you would do in Vegas ? Some may say we would gamble our way to rags or riches, some will enjoy concerts and famous show or some may live in loud nightlife. But my first in Vegas was to visit “World famous gold and silver pawn shop” a.k.a “Pawn Stars” of History TV. The day I found out its filmed in Vegas it was on my bucket list.

Las vegas Pawn shop

The drive from SLC to Vegas was astounding, more about it in posts to come, but as soon as I saw Vegas skyline from a distance I was getting goosebumps unlike ever before. It was like watching your love after long years of praying.

las vegas skyline

I checked-in the Marriot hotel near the Vegas strip and were all set to fun. So much to share about the time we had all night, after a long time I was able to pull a all nighter, last was in Amsterdam. But, first thing next morning we visited the Pawn Shop. Those who are not aware about the show, here is a teaser.

There was a huge queue outside and inside early morning, such a mad rush was unprecedented. The store was huge and filled with relics which I was able to relate from the shows. The boss was was not around as expected but had a snap with his cutout.

las vegas pawn star rick

I had a plan to meet Rick. I carried 200 year old Indian coins and hoped it may interest them. But, I was out of luck as they were not as worthy as I thought. Anyways, still happy to visit the place and got a tip that Rick would be in his club at night. Yes !! he owns a club, its like his street now. There are shopping complex, restaurants and club named Pawn Stars.

las vegas gold and silver pawn shop

Though I am a fan of the show but not that enthusiast to miss on night in Vegas just to catch a glimpse of them so decided not to and rightly so, had a heck of a time in Vegas.

Would love to hear what will you do in Vegas, please comment 🙂



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