Tips to Stay Healthy in an Office Job


Hours of traffic jam, 9 hours of busting your head and tons of pressure, these corporate jobs is tough. Something I have learnt watching my seniors suffering various health hazards at such young age is that this rat race is no longer how big you can make it or how fast you can climb the ladder, it’s more like a cricket test match, how long you can sustain consistent performance. It’s more of being class like Sachin Tendulkar rather than Chris Gayle.

Hence such consistency can only be derived if you stay fit in the game. So I thought to share some points which help me stay fit and achieve more in less. Here are our tips to stay healthy in an office job, let’s keep it simple with just 5 points –

1) Eat right: 90% of issues arise due to bad bowel. Eating right meal and in right intervals is very important. Mix it up with things you like. Calculate how much carbs, prots, and vits are needed as per your routine and choose food you love to achieve those figure. Honestly I have done lot of research on eating right and it’s all about maths.

Our Tip: Do not binge on the burger/pizzas/maggie/cream roll/cakes etc more than once a fortnight no matter how tempting are they :).

2) Drink Well: By drink well I mean water. 10 glasses of water every day is what doctor ordered for. We tend to forget so take help of technology, there are many apps that remind you and calculate water you had in a day. Google it. Once habit is set you no longer need those apps.

Our tip: Start carrying a bottle with you, once water level finishes upto 1/4th level, bottoms up and fill it again.

3) Exercise: This is tough for 99% of office population. But finding 30 mins every day for your body should not be tough at all. Do whatever exercise you like, walk, jog, swim, zumba or mix it up. No one can find right time for you but you yourself have to. Unless you treat it like a religion in which no exceptions are tolerated you cant make it. Take care of your posture at work and take frequent breaks from your seat.

Our Tip: Move it baby, those muffin tops ain’t gonna melt on their own.

4) Sleep: This is my personal favorite. I love good sleep, helps to rejuvenate. 8 hours of sleep is what I love, find yours. Any amount between 6-8 hours of sleep is good. Its not important what time you sleep, trust me late bloomers or night shift working class can also have a perfect 10/10 health.

Our tip: Close your eyes and go blank (trust me you can’t fix that bug/office issue by wasting your sleep on it)

5) Mental Wellness: This is most ignored part of health. We take so much work from our mind to solve those office problems, bugs and not to forget dealing with all kinds of people and situations…but we don’t do mental exercise. Meditate, do some mental exercise or watch something that relaxes you mentally and makes you happy. I love to watch sitcoms or use humor through the day to be in the zing.

Our Tip: Some people lack common sense, you can’t fix them…breathe….and let it go 🙂

So there it is my 5 point something for a fitter future. I know this is tougher than said but let’s pledge this new year to give our health the utmost priority cause the fitter you are the better you work and achieve your goals. Good Luck.

Leave your thoughts and tips in comment section below…

Till next time…take care…stay healthy…


  1. Hello Twosomelife Team,
    Thank you for such an amazing post. In this busy work life health is the most neglected part especially mental wellness. I would like you to write more on Mental wellness. Love reading your blogs!


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