The Big Fat Indian Wedding : Mehandi

Indian Wedding Bride Mehandi
Indian Wedding Bride Mehandi

Heylo Everyone,

A new start to blog with a post of our twosome life’s new start. In December 2014Β we got hitched and started our journey together officially. Here presenting Wedding Diaries of Gaurav & Anubhuti πŸ™‚ This will be a series of posts featuring main functions of our big fat Indian wedding saga and today’s post features Mehandi and Mahila Sangeet. And Since it is more of a girlie topic, I Anubhuti took the responsibility to do the honors of taking you through the event.

For my non-Indian readers…A big fat Indian wedding celebration continues to almost 4-5 days consisting of different functions like Mehandi, Haldi, mahila sangeet, satsang etc.

In Mehandi function some mehandi artists come and apply mehandi/henna designs on hands and feet ofΒ bride, groom and their family members.

Satsang is a function in which we pray to god for his blessings and music artists and family members sing Bhajan(hymns) to start and then it is then followed by Mahila sangeet in which ladies of the house sing and dance to regional wedding folk songs.

My Mehandi artist came at morning 8am and yes I did not get ready for my mehandi function. I went bare face and sans any makeup or jewelry. I know there is a trend going on of floral jewelry and glowy makeup for mehandi function but I thought to steer clear of it and went for rather old traditional way πŸ™‚ Though I went for green kurta matching with mehandi theme.

Indian Wedding Bride Mehandi

And secret of the glow on my face…well!!! credit goes to getting married to the love of my life πŸ™‚ Here is bridal mehandi in progress.

Indian Wedding Mehandi Close

In the evening there was the function of Satsang and Mahila Sangeet at groom’s house and my to-be-hubby dear also went for rather simple look for this function and wore a simple light blue kurta (No we did not decide our clothes but our frequencies match a lot :P). I was not supposed to be part of this function as per the customs but when I saw pictures I fell in love with him…again…he looked so adorable <3

Indian Wedding Sangeet

Enjoy the pictures…

Indian Wedding Sangeet Mehandi

Indian Wedding Sangeet Mehandi Family

Indian Wedding Ladies Mehandi

I hope you all enjoyed the glimpse of Indian wedding functions.

Till next time…Take Care…xoxo.



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