Surprise Yourself in Indonesia


Surprise Yourself in Indonesia

You could travel many a mile before you find a range of attractions to rival Indonesia’s attractions. As a tourist destination, it offers visitors an almost matchless variety. So along with your guidebook and your personal belongings, be sure to keep away any pre-conceived notions because Indonesia will surprise you at every turn.

Indonesia is full of anomalies such as the contrast of the miles of sandy beaches with the majestic misty mountains and lush green environment, and the dramatic experience of catching a glimpse of a rare and unique creature like the Komodo Dragon. The different beaches itself are dramatically different, varying from the serenely tranquil to those hopping with party activity. Kopi luwak is also a unique coffee which is a speciality of Indonesia. offers its customers an opportunity to sample the uniqueness of Indonesia by bringing them great deals in accommodation. They give up to 75 percent discount on accommodation enhancing the holiday experience for customers. They also do periodic promotions where the customer can get an excellent deal for his budget.

Surround your Vacation with Natural Beauty

Luxury hotels Indonesia are many and cater to all tastes from exclusive and romantic resorts to world class family resorts. The Bintan Island has secluded exclusive resorts enclave where guests can enjoy private beaches, swimming pools and amenities of all varieties. The natural beauty and surroundings of Indonesia make a perfect foil for luxury hotels which tend to try and blend in with the surroundings and bring the ravishing landscape in.

Indonesia has over 400 volcanoes of which at least 128 are active. Volcano tourism is a popular activity for people who like to trek and climb. Climbing up to a volcano is an incredible experience. Some of the volcanoes have natural lakes which are breathtakingly beautiful such as the sulphurous Ijen lake and the sea of sand effect in the Mount Bromo volcanic crater.

While in Indonesia, pay a visit to Sumba Island which shares many geographical characteristics with Australia. This will appeal to the adventurous traveler…it is one of those surprises that Indonesia springs on you. The Sumba is the last holdout for an original culture which is completely unique. You can bear witness to the astounding sight of horsemen throwing blunt spears at each other during the ‘Pasola’ rituals.

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