Stay in Palace Hotels in Udaipur


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Stay in Palace Hotels in Udaipur

The very utterance of the city of ‘Udaipur’ does carry one to a land of forts, palaces, lakes, hills, plains, beautiful landscapes, and what not! The city has everything on offer to sensitive tourists. You can well explore the glorious past, the legacy of the bygone era, in the standing edifices, especially the forts and palaces. There are also ruins which are real visual delights. No matter what your budget and preferences are, you will find a number of Udaipur hotels. If you want only a comfortable stay with no extra conveniences, you can opt staying in one of the budget hotels in Udaipur. You can save a lot on your pocket; of course the hospitality is same as in other categories of hotels in Udaipur.

It is no exaggeration if it is said that celebrities including Hollywood and Bollywood stars spend their vacation staying in the palace hotels of Udaipur. The grandeur of these luxury hotels in Udaipur is matchless. The palace hotels are themselves wonderful tourist attractions. Originally these were palaces that are turned into five star luxury hotels, marking the rebirth of the palaces. Each element, right from interiors, exteriors, amenities, facilities is conscientiously restored to its original glory. The restoration of the original elements, re-capturing the lost charm, is the uniqueness of the palace hotels in Udaipur.

These Udaipur hotels are few in number. Your stay in any one of them will no doubt take you back to an era where kings, queens, princes, princesses, courtiers, attendants filled up the space. Besides, you can get all the most modern amenities – all which are common in the contemporary period. This blend of the modern and the traditional is the uniqueness of these palace hotels in Udaipur. The location, i.e. the backdrop also counts. So, you may well have a view of the scenic hills from your room and feel the gentle breeze of the lake all around. Availing the concierge services, you can get taxi and guides from the hotel itself and thus get to know in detail about the historical background of the city.





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