See the Air: Nike Air Max 90 Review


Anyone familiar with the Nike Brand should be familiar with the term ‘Air’ or ‘Air Max’. Before we get into this shoe let’s spend a minute on this technology. In the early 1980’s Nike started to put Air units, which is a small but durable plastic bag, full of air in the rear midsole area of the shoe, under the heel. Imagine, it’s like walking with a balloon under your feet, a balloon which can take your weight and reduce the impact on your heel as you walk, run or jump. That’s Nike Air technology. The first Nike Air Max shoe was released in 1987. The AIR MAX 90 which you see in the photos is the second shoe in the Air Max series.

Sneakerheads should know that the Air Max series was NOT the first shoe to use Air Technology, in fact, it was the Air Force 1. The reason why the Air Max series did so well with customers was that it was the first to ‘show’ people what this technology looks like. The Air Max 1 (1987) was the first shoe where people could see the AIR unit.

As compared to its predecessor, the Air Max 90 was prominent for its strong ‘Air Max’ branding and how the shoe took special care to highlight the Air unit. At one glance you would notice the embossed ‘Air Max’ against the black leather strip and just below it, the Air unit surrounded by the Infrared colour. The materials used in this model are rubber sole, leather, and mesh in specific areas. Among most of the shoes I own, I would say that the Air Max 90 is one of the most comfortable shoes I have tried on. Once the Air unit is flexed, you will actually feel a bit of a bounce when you run or play in them. The rubber grip of the out-sole is as sturdy as they come.

The Air Max 90 is readily available in retail stores as well as online. Any price near Rs. 9,100 is reasonable. Beware, there are a ton of fakes which do rounds for Rs.3000-Rs.4000, that is not the price point for this shoe.


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