If you have spent your childhood watching Jurassic series, amazed by the mightiness of Dinosaurs, this is the dinosaur museum to be. Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is located in Brussels and is dedicated to natural history. The Dinosaur hall of museum is largest collection of dinosaur skeletons in the world. You can easily commute to the place using public transport.


Museum covers earth’s history since the first seed of life sprouted in nature. It has many interactive sections where one can dwell into his links in evolution cycle. I loved the section where you can compare your evolution from apes, makes you wonder how nature has evolved our existence and we are cutting the same very branch.



Museum dinosaur hall is the main attraction where you will find some of the biggest fossils recovered ever. Standing in front of one of those makes you feel timid and insignificant. Just try to imagine the vicious Vastatosaurus standing in front of you in flesh over these bones.


Whale hall in the museum has a collection of whales, dolphins, sirenians, seals. Whale hunting and its predominance in economy is also explained in this section.


All together if you are a history gazer and love to get lost in thought of life and its existence, this is for you. I hope you have amazing time here.





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