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Costa Rica’s National Parks and Biological Corridors


Costa Rica has over 30 national parks and preserves totaling approximately 25% of the country. Their national park system is modeled after those in Canada and the United States and demonstrates their desire to be an eco-friendly country.


If there is one problem with the park system is they exist as biological islands and are isolated from each other. This causes survival issues with those species who depend on a diverse genetic gene-pool in order to maintain stable populations.

An example of this is Corcovado National Park which lies at the tip of the Osa Peninsula in southern Costa Rica. Corcovado National Park is one of the most biologically intense places on the planet. Yet it is isolated from the Piedras Blancas National Park which lies on the mainland to the north. Big cat species like Jaguars and Pumas, which live in the park, need diverse, healthy gene pools to maintain healthy populations and are thusly threatened by this isolation. Studies are currently underway to determine the effects of this isolation but one can only guess the results will not be encouraging.

However, there are both private and public organization working on building biological corridors to help ensure the animals can get from park to park as easy as the tourists can. Biological corridors are composed of native plants (shrubs, trees, grasses etc) and are designed to mimic the original environment in hopes of making sure the animals feel safe and confident enough to use them.

The country’s airline, Nature Air, is assisting in corridor projects and has helped protect 500 acres of forest on the Osa Peninsula.

Many of the ecolodges in Costa Rica are involved in corridor or other conservation projects. Many lodges are also involved in equally important societal projects.

Doing a little research before your trip will help you find lodges and businesses that contribute a percentage of your money to environmental or social causes.

Have you Checked your Fire Alarm Batteries Recently?


It is true to say that fire alarms help to save thousands of lives every day, but it is also true to say that a fire alarm is only going to save lives if it is in full working order. A fire alarm that is faulty, has been disconnected because it keeps being accidentally tripped, or has got flat batteries is no more use than an ornament when it comes to your safety.

Remembering to regularly test your home fire alarm and smoke detectors can be a chore that is easily forgotten with the hustle and bustle of modern life. However, something as simple, quick and effective as checking and replacing your fire alarm batteries could save your life one day!

The importance of working fire alarms

Your fire alarm and smoke detectors are there to make sure that you are alerted early and can respond quickly to a fire outbreak. Your fire safety equipment are there to be used to not only potentially save your life, and the lives of your loved ones, but also to allow you to stop a fire outbreak spreading before it can cause serious damage.

In many cases, a home fire alarm and smoke detectors have enabled the homeowners to safely evacuate their family from the home in the early stages of a fire emergency. When the alarm is raised early enough, a homeowner may have enough time to then contain and extinguish the fire before it gets a chance to take a hold and sweep through the family home.

Fire alarm battery replacement

When you add up the cost of making an insurance claim to potentially re-build your home and replace your valuable contents, some of which may be irreplaceable, wouldn’t you rather have spent a few pounds on the cost of replacing your alarm batteries instead?

Fire alarm batteries are an essential element because they can give the power to your alarm that it needs to detect a fire and sound the warning alarm. When you think that your alarm and smoke detectors are working to help protect your safety 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year, don’t you think that they deserve the proper care and attention that can take such very little effort on your part. By simply testing your alarms regularly, and ensuring the batteries are replaced at least once per year, you could be helping to save your life and the lives of your family. Testing and battery replacements take mere minutes to perform – so why take the risk of neglecting them?

Another common mistake people make is to remove the batteries from fire alarms. This is more common than you think and can often happen when your run out of batteries at home, and think it’s OK to ‘borrow’ a battery from the fire alarm. Borrowing a battery from an alarm with the intention to replace it as soon as possible is often quickly forgotten about, leaving your home at greater risk of damage from a fire emergency.

Check and replace your fire alarm batteries today! You will be thankful that you did.

Accident Reporting Management Software


Accident reporting in the workplace has evolved a lot over recent years, especially with the advances in digital software and real-time incident reporting.


It used to be that most businesses operated a very simple accident reporting system – usually paper-based – and involved a designated member of staff acting as a company safety officer. When an accident occurred, the designated safety officer would be called to the scene of the accident and the appropriate action would take place to treat an injured member of staff (if an injury had occurred) or whatever hazard is present would be removed. This could have been something like a chemical spill, or a forklift truck collision etc.


Usually a detailed accident report would be entered into an accident book or incident log. While this was a fine method to adequately record incidents or accidents that occurred, it did very little to improve the workplace safety or alter any working practices to reduce further risk unless the safety officer took the time and trouble to do so.


In most cases, a ‘responsible person’ was appointed by many businesses to be in charge of Health and Safety issues, but this person was more often than not an existing member of staff with a full-time job to do, so the health and safety aspect of their role was a minor one that wasn’t prioritised.


This lead to many businesses having a culture where accidents were reported, but very little action was then taken to reduce or eliminate the risk. This is not best practice, and could lead a company to be sued in the future should the accident happen again.


Reporting and reducing accident risks


By using accident reporting software, and having it accessible to everyone, vigilant staff working on the shop floor can quickly report any workplace risks they come across during their routine day to day operations. Helping OHS staff to run risk assessments and put measures in place to address new risks picked up by other staff can be a great help, especially when new tools or machinery is being introduced into the workplace.


With a good accident reporting system in place, should an accident occur in the workplace, fellow employees can immediately alert key members of staff in real-time. This quick action can be a life-saver, especially where there has been a serious accident that could be life-threatening to the victim.


By being able to report incidents immediately, measures can be taken to resolve the incident quicker, plus measures can be put into place and actioned before the report is closed. Everyone can be kept in the loop and made aware of issues as they occur, meaning that other staff members can take steps to keep themselves safe and away from the danger area if necessary. This can help prevent further accidents or injuries taking place should there be a chemical spill or something else that poses a hazard to health.


You can see why having a high-quality accident reporting management software system in place is so important in the workplace.


Island Destinations – Cook Islands


The Cook Islands are in the South Pacific Ocean, Northeast of New Zealand. The Cook Islands consist of fifteen small islands in this South Pacific Ocean and they are a self governing democracy with the New Zealand. It is located in the South Pacific Ocean. Aitutaki, Rarotanga, Taranaki, Pukapuka and palmerston are the main population center in this region. Tourism is the country’s number one industry, apart from pearls, marine and fruits.

There are fifteen major islands, divided into two distinct groups: the Southern Cook Islands, which consists of Aitutaki, Atiu, Mangaia, Mauke, Rarotonga, Palmerston, Manuae, Mitiaro and Takutea and the Northern Cook Islands which consists of Manihiki, Nassau, Penrhyn Island, Pukapuka, Rakahanga, and Suwarrow. Aitutaki is the second most visited island of the Cook Islands The shape of the Island takes the shape of an equilateral triangle. Aitutaki is famous for its lagoon, almost uninhabited islands and its beautiful beaches. Another advantageous point is that it has been spared by mass tourism.

There is also an old church and some gigantic Banyan Trees on this Island.

One Foot Island, a small islet in the Southeast, is often said to be the most important attraction. It provides the best views of the Aitutaki lagoon and depending on the tide one can walk on a sandbank a decent distance away from One Foot Island.

There are two other noteworthy islets namely Rapota and Moturakau.

Mangaia is the southern most of the Cook Islands and the second largest, after Rarotonga.

It is also told to be the oldest island in the Pacific according to the Geologists. This Island is renowned for its coconuts. Rarotonga is the most populous island of the Cook Islands and the important establishments like the Airport and the Parliament buildings are located on this Island.

Palm studded white sandy beaches occupy most of the island and there is a popular cross island walk that connects Avatiu valley with the south side of the island. This walk passes through

Te Manga, the prominent Needle shaped rock visible from the air and some coastal areas. It should be noted that Rarotonga has only two bus routes: Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise and the driver’s pickup and drop anyone anywhere along the route. Manihiki is known as the Island of Pearls and is said to be one of the group’s loveliest islands.

Penrhyn Island is the most remote Island of all the 15 of the Cook Islands This Island is also called as the Tongareva, which is its original name.

Rakahanga is one of the most unspoiled places on earth.

The Cook Islands are known for Diving, the beautiful nature, and dining.

The universal language in these islands is English though the native language is Cook Islands Maori.


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US Navy Museum Ships


Viking Ship Museum

US Navy Museum Ships

However a few years of sterling service they might have given, there comes a time for any naval vessel when it has reached the top of its helpful life. At this time, the query that arises is what to do with the ship. Some former US Navy vessels are positioned in reserve or “mothballs” in case they might be wanted once more (and it’s not unknown for such ships to return out of retirement and certainly be used once more), some vessels are bought to international navies, some ships are scrapped, however notably illustrious or well-known vessels are typically made in museum ships.

There are fairly plenty of former US Navy ships which have change into museums on this means. Here are a couple of of the perfect and most well-known examples:

* USS Alabama – The USS Alabama (a battleship), together with a submarine (the USS Drum), and a powerful assortment of plane collectively type Battle Memorial Park which is situated in Mobile, Alabama.

* USS Hornet – This is a retired plane service, situated in Alameda, California.

* USS Intrepid – The USS Intrepid is an plane service. Also on the web site, there are a lot of plane positioned on the ship’s deck, a submarine alongside (the USS Growler), and a Concorde supersonic airliner. Together these type the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, which is situated in New York City.

* USS Lexington – A plane service that served in World War II, after which till the 1991. Today, situated in Corpus Christi, Texas.

* USS Midway – This plane service was accomplished on the finish of World War II, however noticed intensive service after the conflict from the 1940s till 1992. The ship is as we speak moored in San Diego, California.

* USS New Jersey – A battleship that served with the US Navy from 1943 till 1991. Today, situated on the waterfront in Camden, New Jersey.

* USS Pampanito – A World War II submarine, situated at Pier 45 within the Fisherman’s Wharf district of San Francisco, California.

* USS Texas – A battleship that served with the US Navy in each World Wars. Today, situated in La Porte, Texas.

Viking Ship Museum

Viking Ship Museum

Viking Ship Museum

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Stay in Palace Hotels in Udaipur


The Palace Hotels Jodhpur and Jaipur

Stay in Palace Hotels in Udaipur

The very utterance of the city of ‘Udaipur’ does carry one to a land of forts, palaces, lakes, hills, plains, beautiful landscapes, and what not! The city has everything on offer to sensitive tourists. You can well explore the glorious past, the legacy of the bygone era, in the standing edifices, especially the forts and palaces. There are also ruins which are real visual delights. No matter what your budget and preferences are, you will find a number of Udaipur hotels. If you want only a comfortable stay with no extra conveniences, you can opt staying in one of the budget hotels in Udaipur. You can save a lot on your pocket; of course the hospitality is same as in other categories of hotels in Udaipur.

It is no exaggeration if it is said that celebrities including Hollywood and Bollywood stars spend their vacation staying in the palace hotels of Udaipur. The grandeur of these luxury hotels in Udaipur is matchless. The palace hotels are themselves wonderful tourist attractions. Originally these were palaces that are turned into five star luxury hotels, marking the rebirth of the palaces. Each element, right from interiors, exteriors, amenities, facilities is conscientiously restored to its original glory. The restoration of the original elements, re-capturing the lost charm, is the uniqueness of the palace hotels in Udaipur.

These Udaipur hotels are few in number. Your stay in any one of them will no doubt take you back to an era where kings, queens, princes, princesses, courtiers, attendants filled up the space. Besides, you can get all the most modern amenities – all which are common in the contemporary period. This blend of the modern and the traditional is the uniqueness of these palace hotels in Udaipur. The location, i.e. the backdrop also counts. So, you may well have a view of the scenic hills from your room and feel the gentle breeze of the lake all around. Availing the concierge services, you can get taxi and guides from the hotel itself and thus get to know in detail about the historical background of the city.



Dahi Vada Recipe


Hello Everyone, So I have decided it is high time I start sharing simple recipes as well. I am not a pro in cooking and neither I claim so :D. But I love to experiment with food and I enjoy cooking. So these are my attempts and recipes which you’ll get to see. Today I’m sharing Dahi Vada recipe which is super easy and super yummy.


For Vada:

1 cup white Urad Dal (25-30 vadas) soaked in lukewarm water for 3 hours.
2 green chillies chopped.
1 inch ginger chopped.
Salt to taste (I added approx 2/3 tsp.)
Water to grind and make thick paste.

For Dahi:

Curd 250gm thick or 500ml normal.
Salt to taste (1/2 tsp).
sugar 1/2 tsp. (Not mandatory).
Black Salt (1/2 tsp).
Roasted cumin powder(1/2 tsp).
Red Chillies powder(1/4 to 1/2 tsp as per your taste).

For Tamarind Chatni:

1/2 cup seedless Tamarind.
2 cups water.
Sugar 1 tsp.
Salt 1/2 tsp.

For Green Chatni:

Chopped onion 1 medium sized .
Mint leaves 1/2 cup.
Coriander leaves 1/2 cup.
1/2 lime.
2 medium green chillies.
salt to taste.
1/2 tsp sugar.


For Vada:

1. wash and soak urad daal in lukewarm water for 3 hours. Remove the water and wash again and mix all ingredients in mixer jar.

2. Add some water in mixer jar and make a coarse paste(not very fine).

3. Now stir the batter briskly to make it light and fluffy. I use my hands for this and it feels evident when it becomes light.

4. Heat the oil really well in a deep kadhai or pan for deep frying. Once the oil is really hot, turn the flame medium and start poring batter in form of vada (1 spponful is enough for 1 vada).

5. once the base turns golden then turn the vada over to other side and let them fry.

6. Take out the vadas when they are golden brown and drain on paper towel.

7. Keep lukewarm water in a big bowl and add fried vada in that water, this will let the extra oil out and soften the vadas from inside.

8. After 3-5 mins, take out the vadas from water and squeeze them to remove extra water.

For Dahi:

1. Mix and beat everything really well.
2. Consistency of dahi should not be very thick or very runny.

For Tamarind Chatni:

1. Boil water and add tamarind and sugar to it.
2. Let it cool down and squish the tamarind paste in the same water and throw away the fiber remains.
3. Add salt and mix well.

For Green Chatni:

1. Mix Everything in a mixer jar and grind well.


1. Pour some dahi in serving bowl, keep Vada and pour some more dahi above it.
2. Add tamarind and green chatni on it.
3. Sprinkle some salt, black salt, roasted cumin powder, chaat masala and red chilli powder.

If you like my recipe and would like to see some more posts like these, do not forget to mention in comment section. Also If you want to contribute, leave that in comments too. Everybody has their own version of recipes. So Keep experimenting.


Bristol International Balloon Fiesta


 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta NEW MEXICO

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta – CRS-TESTER manufacturer – china CRI-1001 Tester

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

Early morning mass ascent


Ashton Court, Bristol

Years energetic

1979 –




sizzling air balloons



The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is held throughout August in Bristol, England. Teams from the UK and different components of the world convey their sizzling air balloons to the location and take part in mass ascents the place as many as 100 balloons might launch at a time.

The occasion is without doubt one of the largest in Europe and it is not uncommon to have crowds of over 100,000 on every of the 4 days of the competition. It takes place in a big nation property Ashton Court. Mass launches are made twice a day, at 6am and 6pm, topic to climate circumstances.

One fashionable attraction is the night time glow, when balloons are inflated and glow to music after darkish. These are held on the opening Thursday night time at approx 9:30pm, adopted by a spectacular fireworks show. There is one other night time glow on the identical time adopted by the fireworks on the Saturday night time. Some individuals see these because the spotlight of the fiesta. Another attraction is the massive variety of particular formed balloons which take off.

As one of many worlds main balloon makers, Cameron Balloons are close to to the fiesta website, in Bedminster, it’s becoming that a lot of the finest cherished particular formed balloons are made within the metropolis. Favourites previously years are Rupert the Bear, The Scottish Piper, Bertie Bassett, The Flying Hen and The Jaguar Car.

In the previous, the fiesta was once held within the second week of September, however as a consequence of cancellations of flights and the muddy floor due to unhealthy climate, it has been moved within the begin of August. This had had an ideal impact as extra flights handle to fly, cancellations at the moment are usually as a consequence of excessive winds.

The nightglow is without doubt one of the hottest components of the fiesta.

In 2003, the load of crowds coming back from the Balloon Fiesta and Ashton Court competition put such an ideal pressure on the Clifton Suspension Bridge that it was determined to shut the bridge to all visitors, together with pedestrians, throughout these occasions from 2004 onwards.

External hyperlinks

Wikimedia Commons has media associated to: Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Official website

Information and footage from the fiesta from BBC Bristol

v d e

Culture in Bristol


Bristol Hippodrome Bristol Old Vic Colston Hall Cube Microplex O2 Academy Bristol The Thekla Tobacco Factory Watershed Media Centre Wickham Theatre Winston Theatre


Bristol Festival of Nature Bristol Harbour Festival Bristol International Balloon Fiesta Bristol International Kite Festival Bristol Shakespeare Festival St Pauls Carnival

Museums and Galleries

Arnolfini Blaise Castle Blaise Hamlet At-Bristol Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery Bristol Harbour Railway Bristol Zoo British Empire and Commonwealth Museum Georgian House Glenside Museum Industrial Museum Kings Weston Roman Villa Observatory Red Lodge Museum Royal West of England Academy SS Great Britain


Parks of Bristol Ashton Court Blaise Castle Brandon Hill College Green Queen Square Snuff Mills The Downs


Broadmead Cabot Circus Cribbs Causeway The Mall Bristol


All Saints’ Bristol Cathedral Bristol Community Church Buckingham Baptist Chapel Chapel of the Three Kings of Cologne Christ Church, Clifton Down Christ Church with St Ewen Church of Holy Trinity, Hotwells Church of Holy Trinity, Stapleton Church of the Holy Trinity with St Edmund Church of St John the Baptist, Bristol City Road Baptist Church Cotham Church Counterslip Baptist Church Clifton Cathedral Crofts End Church Holy Trinity Church, Kingswood Holy Trinity Church, Westbury on Trym New Room, Bristol Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Apostles St Mary Redcliffe Redland Chapel St. Augustine Church (Bristol) St Augustine the Less Church, Bristol St George’s Church, Brandon Hill St James’ Priory, Bristol St John the Baptist, Frenchay St Luke’s Church, Brislington St Mark’s Church, Bristol St Mary le Port Church, Bristol St Mary on the Quay St Mary’s Church, Henbury St Matthews Church, Cotham St Michael on the Mount Without St Nicholas, Bristol St Peter and St Paul, Bristol St Peter, Bristol St Peters Church, Bishopsworth St Philip and Jacob, Bristol St Stephen’s Church, Bristol St Thomas the Martyr, Bristol St Werburgh’s Church, Bristol St. Paul’s Church, Bristol Temple Church, Bristol Trinity Centre Whitefield’s Tabernacle, Bristol Whitefield’s Tabernacle, Kingswood Woodlands Christian Centre


Black Castle Public House Clifton Down railway station The Coronation Tap Hatchet Inn, Bristol 17 King Street, Bristol King William and Naval Volunteer Public Houses Llandoger Trow Mauretania Public House Nova Scotia, Bristol The Old Duke Old Post Office, Bristol Palace Hotel, Bristol Printers Devil, Bristol Pump House, Bristol Seven Stars Public House, Bristol Shakespeare Inn, Bristol Shakespeare Public House, Bristol Stag and Hounds Public House The Crown, Bristol Clifton Lido and The Victoria Public House

Coordinates: 512637 23830 / 51.4437N 2.64157W / 51.4437; -2.64157

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 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta NEW MEXICO

 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta NEW MEXICO

 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta NEW MEXICO

Accommodation Options In St Petersburg, Russia


Peterhof  St Petersburg  Russia

Accommodation Options In St Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is a stunning place to go to for a lot of points of interest.  You will get each sort of lodging in St. Petersburg; town has loads of resorts and rental residences. There is each alternative for resorts in each class, whether or not luxurious, mini-hotels or price range lodging. You can discover all forms of choices for lodging on web sites. Information supplied on the websites is full in each respect of sort, amenities, location, entry and tariff. It is for certain that you can be happy to search out one thing matching along with your style and choice for lodging in St Petersburg.

Hotels in St. Petersburg

Luxury resorts in St. Petersburg match with the category wherever on the earth. Façade of the resorts is moderately extra exquisitely embellished with luxurious expanse of outside settings. Most of those class resorts are located in handy places and supply straightforward attain to the vacation spot of points of interest by vehicles. Interior of those resorts and providers are excellent and workers is able to give you extra help. You can indulge your self in each little bit of leisurely actions as per worldwide requirements in these resorts. The resorts little low in star ranking are additionally very nicely appointed resorts with a shade low in opulence.  The delicacies in these resorts is made up of a fabulous array of dishes widespread internationally together with Russian specialties.  Your journey agent could have each element about every of such class resorts. You can evaluate tariff and different service and amenities of the resorts within the metropolis and make your reserving.

St Petersburg Mini Hotels

Besides costly luxurious class resorts, town has rising variety of value saving mini-hotels. This state of affairs involves be a beautiful different for a lot of guests to measurement up their price range for lodging to spend holidays in St. Petersburg. These resorts are affordably priced and supply the important amenities and providers to make the keep snug with pocket pleasant bills. But, you must have a transparent understanding that these lodging choices are although not too cozy, keep an inexpensive customary for comfort and luxury.  Most of those mini resorts are situated in central areas of town. Due to this motive, vacationers can simply avail public transport providers within the metropolis to all of the essential locations of attraction and get monetary savings on motion. In many resorts the restaurant service just isn’t supplied, and you’ve got the choice of solely mattress and breakfast. So far, the service are involved, you might be relaxation assured of the supply of all fundamental facilities in mini resorts.  Check along with your journey brokers for info on the mini-hotels. After evaluating the amenities and tariff charged by particular person institutions for lodging, have residing preparations in St Petersburg finalized.

St. Petersburg residences

Apartment sort lodging are getting extra widespread lately. This is because of options of value saving as additionally a whole freedom of residing as one likes. It is one thing like residing in your personal residence for a short time. Generally, these residences are located in handy places within the metropolis in order that vacationers can go to the should see locations at low value availing public transport. Renting residences for lodging is turning into extra wanted by vacationers to staying in St. Petersburg. The residences come low-cost and supply a good stick with preferable conveniences like all fundamental furnishings and absolutely outfitted kitchen.  Some residences are so nicely appointed that you’ll love to remain in these as a substitute of considering of a resort.

You will get detailed details about all of the choices forlodging in St. Petersburg on our web-site.

Peterhof  St Petersburg  Russia

Peterhof  St Petersburg  Russia

Peterhof  St Petersburg  Russia

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