Night fishing experience at Maldives


WARNING : Some people may not like certain pics, readers discretion is advised.

Hi Guys ! Kihineh? as in “How are you ?” in Dhivehi the official language of Maldives. We had shared earlier important travel tips and our experiences in Maldives. In this post we wanted to share our night fishing experience at Maldives. Travelling to Maldives is fascinating and so are these unique experiences that you can enjoy only in Maldives.

Night fishing in Maldives is not something you will get in any customized itinerary, but only if you as ask for it. Our resort owner priced it for 60 USD for two. Sailing under the dark sky among the unknown creatures under the ocean re-created an “Life of Pi” kind of experience expectation for us. Nevertheless if you subtract visual effects of movie it was pretty close.


We started around 19:00 hours from our resort accompanied by a Spanish couple and a guide. Cruising for half an our into the deep seas we had reached our spot. Some snaps from our short cruise while our guide prepared the fishing gear.

Maldives night fishing 6

Maldives night fishing 9

He also gave a quick prep talk as we had no idea about fishing whatsoever. “Its simple, you have a string hooked to a fishing rod. The string is attached to a hook. You put some bait in these hooks and hope fish tries to eat it. Now important part is to wind the string quickly when you feel little tension in the string.”

And we were ready to start. Below are some more pics of 7 fishes we caught.

Maldives night fishing 7

Maldives night fishing 3

Maldives night fishing 8

Maldives night fishing 4

The resort owner was gracious enough to cook what we caught. He got us an delicious barbecued barracuda fish.

Maldives night fishing 2

Please feel free to share your experience too in comments.



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