Movie Review : Now You See Me 2 (Don’t See Them Too)


Howdy All to this weekend’s movie review of Now you See Me 2 !!!

Keeping it short and sweet, despite I tried to keep my expectations in check “Now You See Me 2” disappointed big way. Now you see me was exiting heist movie with great visuals & cast. But, the squeal is unnecessarily bloated mess. There is nothing more in movie than its trailers.


What I expected was more breathtaking tricks & visuals but what was delivered is long story line which had many loopholes. None of the trick in Now you see me 2  will leave you bonkers. Now you see me 2 is exactly the kind on sequence one dreads, its needless, uninspired and shallow. CGI sequences like this card trick are unrealistic and preposterous.

Now you see me 2 card trick

I can easily compare this with a Bollywood movie sequel “Race 2” with unnecessary twist & turns every two minutes just to deliver more than first installment. No need to waste your time and money on this one. Some of the top critic review I found are –

It’s fun to be fooled. But Now You See Me 2 leaves viewers feeling scammed. Peter Travers·Rolling Stone
Is anything in the Now You See Me-verse actually real? Or is it twists all the way down? Ignatiy Vishnevetsky·A.V. Club
The sequel, directed by Jon M. Chu, takes the worst elements of the first—a bloated plot, excessive CGI—and doubles down on them over an exhausting 129-minute running time. Lenika Cruz·The Atlantic

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