Movie Review : Befikre



So as we guessed its more of be-fukre. We were disappointed and you may be too, its a film that tries too hard to be cool but its not. The script is almost not there and a lot slayed kissing wants you to watch the film, but don’t.

Ranvir tries too hard a times to leave an impact but fails due to lack of material. Vaani was way beautiful before she went under the knife (any comments ?). She is not looking good at all in the whole film.

Tho we saw some “high” girls in late night show dancing to “Ude Dil Befikre” and seriously only few songs are the only good things in the movie.

First half is okish and second half is “jhilauu”. ┬áSo if you have nothing to do this weekend and have a lot of time to kill and some money to waste, this one is for you.

Enjoy….hope this helps.


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