Maldives Diaries – A Surprise Beach Side Candle light Dinner


Heylo everyone,

Anubhuti again, back with the “Maldives Diaries”. I am not a girly girl but I love surprises and love them even more when they are from Mr Husband. Not because he does not plan/give surprises but because he is not very good at successfully executing surprises, he always ends up slipping a bit or two 😀 and sometimes gives up whole surprise seeing my puppy eyed face 😀 So today I’m going to share my experience of “A Surprise Beach Side Candle light Dinner” which Mr Husband planned and executed successfully at Maldives and I was not expecting it even 0.01%.

Maldives Diaries - A Surprise Beach Side Candle light Dinner

So Lets me tell you all a story…

The day began with sunrise on the beach and they went for snorkeling on a picnic island, we’ll be covering it in next post. By the sunset they were very tired and all sunburnt. So they headed back to their resort.

He: “Get fresh and let’s go for a walk on the beach”
She: “What about Dinner?”
He: “We’ll see that later”
She: “awesome :)”

When she came out of bath she saw Mr Husband was all suited booted flaunting his Summer blazer and ready to go.

She(Suspiciously): “where are we going?”
He(Casually): “for a walk”
She: “why are you all dressed up?”
He: “Because you dress up all the time, so I thought why not”
She(Convinced): “But I’m not dressing up, I’m super tired”
He: “You look great anyway”

She was super tired and had no energy to dress up/do makeup and she thought who dresses up to go for a walk on the beach anyway 😛 So she threw a casual dress, her beach slippers, kohled her eyes, popped some lipbalm and was ready to go.

So as soon as they came out of the resort he showed her a beach side table a little far in front of their resort and said ..

A Surprise Beach Side Candle light Dinner

He: “See they arrange dinner like this for couple”
She: “wow looks quite romantic with all candle lights making a heart and sea roaring in background”
He: “Let’s see upclose how it looks, nobody is there yet”
She: “But we are going for a walk, plus what if the couple arrives by the time we reach there”
He: “We’ll go to beach from that way only”
She: “Okay”

As they were nearing the table it was looking more beautiful and romantic and when they reached the candle boundary outside the table, he reached for her hand and lead her towards the table.

She: “We are close enough, let’s go now”
He pulls out the chair for her: “Lets eat something first”
She laughed(knowing his funny nature): “Are you crazy? This is not our table”
He(Flashing his million dollar smile): “Yes it is!!! Happy honeymoon Wifey!!!”

Maldives Diaries - A Surprise Beach Side Candle light Dinner for Couples

She could barely speak anything after that as her eyes were dwelling up with unexpected ultimate surprise and happiness. She hugged him and literally cried tears of surprise.

Maldives Diaries - A Surprise Beach Side Candle light Dinner_Twosomelife

Twosomelife Maldives Diaries - A Surprise Beach Side Candle light Dinner

Later she nudged him a lot for not forcing her to dress up for something so special 😀

He: “Then you would have guessed it and I wouldn’t have been able to get your million dollar reaction”
She: “This is the best surprise ever”
He: “May be the first of many more to come. We have got a long life ahead together”

And….she fell in love with him…all over again!!! 😀 For more please check out the pictures…

Maldives Honeymoon Diaries - A Surprise Dinner

Maldives Diaries - A Romantic Candle light Dinner

Maldives Diaries - A Surprise Romantic Beach Side Candle light Dinner

Moment of truth, we are not hopelessly romantic couple(I do adore such couples though), we are a couple who love each other hopelessly and enjoy each other’s company in anything even watching Shark Tank on our living room couch 😛 So we just randomly roam around or go for movie or something. We do plan surprises for each other. But while we were in Maldives, I was not expecting anything like this but he managed to make it special 🙂

Shower your love and share your experiences with us in comment section below 🙂

Till next time…take care…xoxo.



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