“Jason Bourne” embarrassment to Bourne legacy


For guys who have not watched the Bourne series yet, please do. This weekend we decided to go for latest installment of the Bourne series. Major Spoiler Alert for Jason Bourne. 

Jason Bourne is latest Matt Damon movie with a plot where he is trying to dig in his past and how CIA twisted his life apart. The film is supposed to be very high tech where CIA tags along with major social media platform for global level surveillance program called Ironfist but it is embarrassingly tech dumb.

In early scenes where Nicki Parsons (Julia Stiles) is trying to hack into CIA, I heard someone saying “Corrupt database using SQL” which itself is a database programming language. There are so many immature usage of technology, like Bourne, most wanted person in US enters immigration without any disguise. Movie earlier shows state of art facial recognition programs which are not used at immigration.

No wonder Trump is angry and wants total shutdown until ramp up of immigration technology. 🙂

twosomelife angry trump

I may be nitpicking but trust me if a movie is weaved around latest technology it should be somewhat logical. Earlier versions of this series were actually gripping and more accurately crafted. Jason Bourne seems to just reap on the Borune name itself. Also, you will notice extra long chase scenes in Greece and Vegas.

jason bourne movie review

Its better you skip this one and may be wait for torrents sites to go up again, though we strongly discourage piracy as everybody does (Lol). Would appreciate your comments.





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