Done with Game of Thrones ?? What’s Next ??


Game of Throne fans these days are like hungry zombies looking out for something to eat their brains out (Ya nerds I know it should be other way round). So I have a perfect option for you guys until we get next installment of GOT.

House of cards

So you need to have some what brief understanding of US Elections and politics. Watch the video below, the best one I found. Moreover this year being a election year in US, its something good to know.

The series pivots around Congressman, Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey (another reason to watch) who plots his way from house majority whip to being US president. He is ruthless and willing to do whatever it takes and so is his wife Claire Underwood. The series will take you through brutal paradigm, political manipulations and power tussle.

So if you like the political tug of war in Game of Thrones and criminal plots of Breaking Bad, House of Cards is must watch for you.

Share your views in comments below if you liked it or if you have any other better options.



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