Do Not Keep the “Lights Out”

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Horror movie fans give a hi-five 🙂 I am a big fan of good horror movies(please note horror not creepy), so whenever a promisingly good horror movie is released, I am really on throat of Mr Hubby to watch it with me 😀 He says No but I somehow manage every time 😛 So this Wednesday we went for “Lights Out”.

Lights Out Movie Review
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If you want to know the plot and summery you can check it out on IMDB or Wiki. Now here is the verdict about whether it is worth a watch or not…

‘Lights Out’ is another creation from the makers of superhit movie ‘Conjuring’. But Still I have gone to this movie without any expectations because I have gone to ‘Conjuring 2’ with high expectations but was pretty disappointed as it has failed to match the bar which ‘Conjuring’ has set. Well happens because ‘Conjuring’ did really set the bar quite high. Official trailer of ‘Lights Out’ was not so impressive as well so this time no expectation so lesser chances of disappointment 🙂

Lights Out
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Lights Out is a decent watch which has few spine chilling scenes and effects and some laughter moments as well 😀 Yep there was a scene which was supposed to be horror but everyone was laughing out loud. I did not like the creepy looking shadow ghost, it is so cliche and old school. Few scenes really made me shiver thanks to light and sound effects but then it was losing the grip as soon it was getting it.

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My Verdict: 3/5

If you are someone who enjoys moderately horror movie which few thrilling scenes, then you will like it. But for someone who is die-hard fan of horror movies and like conjuring kind of movies then this will be an average watch, so can either watch it or you can wait for it to premiere uncut on tv, either way you won’t miss much


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