Did SRK win this fan back in “FAN”?


Heylo Everone,

Anubhuti here…How was your weekend? I am killing my time or you can say distracting myself from missing Mr GRV by spending much time doing one thing or the other with family. So we went to watch “FAN” this weekend and it did not help as Fan’s character in the movie┬áhas name GAURAV ­čśÇ

fan movie review

Anyways coming movie review, I have been a fan of Shahrukh ever since I remember until a couple of years back. Why because I felt from a couple of years he’s been doing over-acting with over confidence and that’s why there was no charm or craze like before, well! atleast for me. But trailer of “FAN” had that oomph of SRK’s acting and I was excited about watching it and asusual my Not-a-bollywood movie-fan Hubby said no. So since he’s out of town I went on a family movie date ­čÖé

I not not narrating story here, I’m just sharing what I think about movie. Movie starts at a good pace and finishes establishing the theme in first 10 mins. Then the fan GAURAV goes Mumbai to meet his star ARYAN KHANNA for his birthday┬álike thousand other fans. His love for his star is not like fan-star love it is more of an obsession. He can do anything for his star as he claims even a murder. He becomes violent with another star who tries to malign Aryan khanna. Story takes a turn when star was not happy with his fan’s violent ways and despises him. INTERVAL. Till now(1 hr) the movie was at great pace and I was in awe with SRK’s acting again.

After interval movie has the plot where Fan takes revenge from star because he rejected him. Fan impersonate Star at has different events and do things which would malign his stardom. Post interval movie has some impossible looking scenes and scenarios but still since the theme was gripping we can ignore it for sometime. But in last 15 mins I felt they stretched the imagination too far away from reality and I was feeling like movie should have ended there.

The message movie tries to convey is in the last scene and it is great. The movie has glimpses of SRK’s home and interior as well.


The film has the SRK charm again and you see glimpse of SRK from “Darr” in Gaurav’s character. Overall I loved the movie and my love for SRK’s acting is back. I loved that they made it short (2 hrs for bollywood is short :D) and sans songs but I felt it could have been shorter by 15 mins.

TwosomeLife Rating: 3.5/5(.5 extra for SRK as Fan)

If you are SRK fan then do watch it, if you are not then also you can watch it for the theme but do leave your critical logics at home ­čśÇ

Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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