Dahi Vada Recipe


Hello Everyone, So I have decided it is high time I start sharing simple recipes as well. I am not a pro in cooking and neither I claim so :D. But I love to experiment with food and I enjoy cooking. So these are my attempts and recipes which you’ll get to see. Today I’m sharing Dahi Vada recipe which is super easy and super yummy.


For Vada:

1 cup white Urad Dal (25-30 vadas) soaked in lukewarm water for 3 hours.
2 green chillies chopped.
1 inch ginger chopped.
Salt to taste (I added approx 2/3 tsp.)
Water to grind and make thick paste.

For Dahi:

Curd 250gm thick or 500ml normal.
Salt to taste (1/2 tsp).
sugar 1/2 tsp. (Not mandatory).
Black Salt (1/2 tsp).
Roasted cumin powder(1/2 tsp).
Red Chillies powder(1/4 to 1/2 tsp as per your taste).

For Tamarind Chatni:

1/2 cup seedless Tamarind.
2 cups water.
Sugar 1 tsp.
Salt 1/2 tsp.

For Green Chatni:

Chopped onion 1 medium sized .
Mint leaves 1/2 cup.
Coriander leaves 1/2 cup.
1/2 lime.
2 medium green chillies.
salt to taste.
1/2 tsp sugar.


For Vada:

1. wash and soak urad daal in lukewarm water for 3 hours. Remove the water and wash again and mix all ingredients in mixer jar.

2. Add some water in mixer jar and make a coarse paste(not very fine).

3. Now stir the batter briskly to make it light and fluffy. I use my hands for this and it feels evident when it becomes light.

4. Heat the oil really well in a deep kadhai or pan for deep frying. Once the oil is really hot, turn the flame medium and start poring batter in form of vada (1 spponful is enough for 1 vada).

5. once the base turns golden then turn the vada over to other side and let them fry.

6. Take out the vadas when they are golden brown and drain on paper towel.

7. Keep lukewarm water in a big bowl and add fried vada in that water, this will let the extra oil out and soften the vadas from inside.

8. After 3-5 mins, take out the vadas from water and squeeze them to remove extra water.

For Dahi:

1. Mix and beat everything really well.
2. Consistency of dahi should not be very thick or very runny.

For Tamarind Chatni:

1. Boil water and add tamarind and sugar to it.
2. Let it cool down and squish the tamarind paste in the same water and throw away the fiber remains.
3. Add salt and mix well.

For Green Chatni:

1. Mix Everything in a mixer jar and grind well.


1. Pour some dahi in serving bowl, keep Vada and pour some more dahi above it.
2. Add tamarind and green chatni on it.
3. Sprinkle some salt, black salt, roasted cumin powder, chaat masala and red chilli powder.

If you like my recipe and would like to see some more posts like these, do not forget to mention in comment section. Also If you want to contribute, leave that in comments too. Everybody has their own version of recipes. So Keep experimenting.




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