Business Travel Reads – Who moved my Cheese ?


Hello all Hamsters, hope you all are enjoying running on the big business wheel !

Every now and then I try to read something, its tough though. I usually take on reading while waiting at an airport. I always keep a book on business travel because when technology fails (No Wifi/Battery/Charging point) books save you from going crazy.

Twosomelife book review

This time I re-read the multi-million best seller Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal With Change In Your Work and In Your Life I think most of you must have read it, if not I will summaries it for you one line –

“Things Change, Learn to adapt quick.”

As many of you may know, It is a short story of two mice and two little people, resembling humans in essence. They live in a maze which resembles this world and are in pursuit of cheese, which represents of happiness and success. If you are a good reader you can read this book in 45 minutes.


So this book was published in early 2000s, introduction of computers was a major change to business. So, this book makes more sense in that era as they needed people to be ready to accept the change and adapt. But certainly after two decades of riding on technology wave we may except another paradigm shift. Read it and be ready 🙂

Lastly “Adapt OR Perish”






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