Brussels – Luxembourg – Müllerthal – Schiessentumpel


This journey is the best example of going to places you can’t even pronounce and we all soooo want to do it and be a traveler not tourist. Here we are sitting in our office on Friday debating over what to do for weekend. All the onsite folks of IT industry know what I am taking about. Every Friday the only agenda everyone has is weekend. So one pops up with “Let’s do Luxembourg”.

We googled and saw the picture of Schiessentumpel fall. That was it, we had to see this.

Luxembourg mullerthal 25

And we began to plan. Best part of guys traveler is you can opt for any mode of travel (cheapest :D). First and foremost need to find cheapest place to crash at night. Youth hostels are the best options, they are not as exiting as they sound here in EU. We found one with ten beds (yes we were ten guys) in Echternach. You need to take bus from Luxembourg city to Echternach or Mullerthal (Bus details).

Saturday early morning we started from Brussels, took a train to Luxembourg City (capital of Luxembourg). As soon as you enter Luxembourg you will start noticing a rich country side experience. Wide grasslands, rocky terrains dense forests. It give you a feeling that you are near Germany. Luxembourg is least populated country in EU and you will notice that. We took some stills on the way.

Luxembourg mullerthal 15

Luxembourg mullerthal 14

Luxembourg mullerthal 20


From bus stop it was a pleasant walk to hostel. Hostel was amazing had ample of facilities. One thing I wanted to do was wall climbing but din got a chance as it was all booked.

Luxembourg mullerthal hostel

Luxembourg mullerthal 23

We checked in, relaxed a bit, booked bicycles on rent. There are bicycles readily available in hostel but make sure you take a comfortable cushion seat. After cycling for 4 hours we were not in a position to sit anywhere 🙂

I will leave you with some pics of us bicycling into the woods. There are definite cycle routes defined in Echternach (Luxembourg) you can find best routes here.

Luxembourg mullerthal 27

Luxembourg mullerthal 4

Luxembourg mullerthal 19

Luxembourg mullerthal
Luxembourg mullerthal 6

Luxembourg mullerthal 2

Tribute to all my friends.

Signing off from land of richness LUXEMBOURG. Hope to see you soon.

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