Book Review : Ananya – A journey Towards Light

Ananya A journey Towards Light

Heylo Everyone,

Today I’m here with book review of “ANANYA –  A Journey Towards Light“. Ananya is debut book of Urmila Deshpande. I would rather call it a short story as it is not long enough to call it a novel.

Ananya A journey Towards Light

Anaya is a story of a little girl who has lost both of her parents by the age of 5. She has been called “A Curse” by her own grandfather who blames her for the death of her parents. Is she really a curse? Story unfolds into how her life has turned out further and how the whole situation and perception of other people affects her innocent mind.

Ananya A journey Towards Light Book Review

The story is written as a narrative by different characters which includes Anaya, her friend, her father-mother. I like such narrative story telling as I feel more connected to characters this way. Another thing which I liked is the way story unfolds, it is very heart-touching and I could feel the pain of little Ananya.

But I feel reaching towards the climax, more specifically from chapter 11 the narration seems overdone and repetitive. The same facts and beliefs are explained in different ways and it becomes boring and hence story loses its grip. There was a point where I felt like leaving it and go to sleep which is a rare case with me if the book is interesting from the start. But since it is debut book of author, we can’;t expect everything to be perfect.

Book Review_Ananya A journey Towards Light

Overall book is nice and if you have interest in parapsychology and divine energy, you’ll like it. I feel author was influenced by The Alchemist a little 🙂

So these are my thoughts about Ananya – A Journey Towards Light. You can purchase your copy at Amazon.

Till next time…take care…xoxo.



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