Big Bazaar and their Rotten Tomatoes


This comes up as a shock. When you pay premium price for those polished shiny stuff you expect A grade quality. We went out to Big Bazaar this time for our groceries and came home with disappointment. The quality of staff, accessibility, products everything is questionable these days.

Big Bazaar Store 1

I have an argument here, why are we dumped upon with inferior grade products by retails like big bazaar as compared to ROW (Rest of World) and where does this leads to for generations to come ? We have are fruits being injected with sweeteners and colors. We have our vegetables with all ripening chemicals over them. How is it going to affect our children and our generations to come ?

Big Bazaar Store 2

Big Bazaar Store 5


Big Bazaar Store 4

No Wonder its packaging says “Soo Fresh”.

There are so many bigger issues in our country than just banning on beef alone. Our law has many quality checks on food but they all fail to overcome corruption. The issue in not just Big bazaar supplying me with their rotten tomatoes. Issue is we don’t have enough checks on these money making machines. In any other country they will pay penalties to consumers for such mistakes.

I hope this gets picked up by authorities and something is done. To all the readers, please share so that people are aware and cautious while picking wrapped pre-packed stuff from these stores.



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