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The Lego Batman Movie movie review
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Batman Legos

Batman Lego’s are some of the more desirable Lego sets out there and many of the discontinued Batman Lego’s are entering the category of rare Legos.

The popularity of the recent dark knight movies has helped increase demand for many Batman Lego sets. The Lego group has done a magnificent job of making classic Batman Lego sets that have remained true to the comic feel that Batman should embody. Coupled with Lego’s insistence to discontinue a Lego system after a certain amount of time has passed, this makes many of these Lego sets highly collectible.

Collectible Lego’s are very fun to track down for many Lego enthusiasts, so it is very natural to have a crossover in fan base from Batman collectors to Lego collectors.

Some of the more rare Lego sets for the Batman theme include the following:

the Batman dragster: Catwoman pursuit 7779
the Batboat: hunt for killer croc 7780
the Batmobile: two-face’s escape 7781
the Batwing: the Joker’s aerial assault 7782
the Batcave: the penguin and mr. Freeze’s invasion 7783
the Batmobile: ultimate collector’s edition 7784
Arkham asylum 7785
the Batcopter: the chase for scarecrow 7786
the Bat-tank: the Riddler and bane’s hideout 7787
Batman’s buggy: the escape of mr. Freeze 7884
Robin’s scuba jet: attack of the penguin 7885
the Batcycle: harley quinn’s hammer truck 7886
the Tumbler: Joker’s ice-cream surprise 7888

One of the more rare Batman themed Lego sets is the Arkham asylum. This Lego set contains a total of seven Batman Lego minifigs, including poison ivy and scarecrow. The Arkham asylum is really a big set with a three level building, a guard tower, riddler’s room, and three Batman Lego’s vehicles!

The Lego group really knows how to create Lego systems that compliment the Batman theme and bring a new way for old Batman fans and Lego builders to enjoy Batman Lego sets.

Though there are not near as many sets released by the LEGO Group for this particular theme, collectors should still focus on this LEGO theme as it shows a lot of promise. WIth already hard-to-find sets and growing popularity of the Batman series of comics, this LEGO theme should only grow in popularity and demand. This means that the LEGO Group will certainly devote more time and resources into the continuing expansion of the Batman theme.

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The Lego Batman Movie movie review
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