Aufside Sports Bar Pune Review

Aufside Sports bar Pune

Mr Grv is a football junkie, he used to play football physically which nowadays has been replaced by PS3 FIFA 😀 and he watches all major leagues… so we have won the voucher of Aufside in Radio One contest so we went on to explore the place.

Aufside Sports bar Pune

Aufside is on the terrace of Kumar Pacific Mall. It has a feel which generally sports bars have. Sporty interior football theme to be specific, football themed menu and a turf on the outside gives it a catchy feel for football lovers. I loved the catchy names in the menu but they have very limited options in drink as well as food menu. even the coasters phrases were catchy.

Aufside Sports bar Pune Food Menu

Aufside Sports bar Pune Drinks Menu


The quantity of food was not very generous for starters. But I noticed burgers and fries on majority of the tables(I guess it is the best from the menu) and they were looking yummy.

Aufside Pune food

The beer price was very low specially pitcher, rest of the drinks have comparative prices. We have decided to try one beer cocktail and it turned out to be not so great 😐 so try beer cocktails at your own risk 😀 We have asked for red wine from the menu but it was not available.

twosomelife at Aufside Sports bar

Aufside Sports bar Pune Ambience

Aufside Sports bar

Aufside Sports bar Pune Turf

Aufside Pune

Overall Aufside is a great place to hangout with your football gang. If you motive is to drink beer, watch football and enjoy fastfood and company then this is a good option to explore.



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