Air Jordan Sneakers Review


Most sneaker-heads consider the Air Jordan 11, to be the holy grail of the Jordan series. Though my personal favorite has always been the 12s, I surely see why these shoes are so highly regarded once they in my hands. This shoe, in particular, commemorates the winning shot which MJ took to secure the championship for his college team in 1982 and hence the name Win Like 82.

From a looks standpoint, the shoe is outstanding. The shiny leather strip which surrounds the shoe is the highlight. The navy blue patent leather between the two white sections looks fabulous. The upper of the shoe (tongue, sides, and laces) are entirely nylon which helps offset the weight of the leather and the rubber midsole. The out-sole is light blue rubber and has traction points below the feet for better grip. This is pretty well thought out for its time (1995-96). The shoe comes in low and mids so I would seriously advise people to buy the mids simply because the lace line, the 23 branding on the back, the Jumpman logo are a lot clearer on the mids.

The Jordan 11s are extremely sought after and very difficult to get a hand on (depending on the colorway). The classics like the Concorde’s, the 72-10, and the Breds are near impossible to get and sell for almost 100% markup in the resale market. This colorway released in India on November 10th, 2017. I got up at 6 am to get them and the Nike site wouldn’t allow me. I kept trying till 11 am and then just gave up. Then I got a brilliant idea of buying them from abroad which later turned out to be not such a brilliant idea thanks to our Gormint.


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