Its a gruesome travel from Delhi to Buenos Aries, 36 hours of D2D travel with 28 hours in air is test of one’s limits to fly. I know people are doing worse and often but that was what I felt as a first timer couple of years ago. Since then I never complain.

I have this amazing connection with Buenos Aries. It rings a salsa tune in my head and my thoughts start to tango. This city as I say has a soul and a beating heart. You are bound to love as it has something for everyone. There is art, history, heritage, architecture, dance, celebrations, protests, fests everything.

So here are 9 must do things when in Buenos Aries, apart from clicking pictures…

  1. Love the bird eye view – take a day night in/outbound to enjoy the bird eye view of mesmerising city.
  2. Enjoy the rain – When it does it pours. Being sub tropical species it may not amaze you but you will love it.
  3. Tree lined streets – BA is called Paris of South America. The architecture and the such beautiful streets will surely make you feel in Paris.
  4. Street Art – This is stunning part of BA. But be careful there are some neighborhoods off-limits for visitors. I landed in danger on one such street.
  5. San Telmo – Its a flea Sunday market. One of the best I ever visited. Here’s a thing about my travels, I always do flea markets in each city. They reflect true colors of the the city.
  6. Try Yerba Mate – Google it. Its a drink something similar to tea but has more herbs. It is served cold in coconut shells and has refreshing taste. People prefer “Mate” over coffee and tea.
  7. Tango – In markets, streets are filled with people performing Tango. Give it a try, I had a chance to take a lesson but this picture caused me a class back at home too.
  8. Visit landmarks – There are many parks, must see landmarks with historical and architectural significance basically selfie places.
  9. The Cemetery – Yes, there is this amazing Recoleta cemetery in BA. Most of the famous people are buried here with artistic tombstones.


I have some more amazing pics to share from my travel to Buenos Aries, click thumbnails.

[foogallery id=”735″]

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