5 Must Have Apps if You are new in Hongkong



The reason why I start this post with that quote is, we are amidst a major change in our life. We have recently relocated our base to Hong Kong which has kept us from writing. But now, as we approach to gorgeous part of the change we will be posting more regularly.

In between, apart from just a change we went bonkers on exploring Hong Kong and its proximity. In these 3 months we also had our extended family from Pune visiting and we did Macau. More on those in posts to come. Let’s concentrate on business in hand first. If anyone of you is planning to visit Hong Kong, this is a must read for you guys. Living in HK for 3 months now we have discovered a few life saving applications apart from the usuals like Google Maps, Booking.com, tripadvisor etc. Let’s go.

1. HKeTransport:

This application is very handy in terms of mode of commutation. Hong Kong is really expensive in all terms, its not easy to go for rental drives like in USA. Best mode of transport is using public transport services which are excellent. This app will provide you detailed route and cost for different modes to reach your destination.

2. Openrice/Eatigo/Deliveroo/Foodpanda:

As you would have guessed correctly these are to keep your fuel tank full. You can use either of these to get features like order, deliver, menus, reviews etc for mostly all eating joints. Majority of population in HK eats out and don’t cook much at home, so there are zillions of food options here for you to try. But a word of caution don’t be too adventurous, know what you are eating ;).

3. Uber/HK Taxi:

Uber works great but sometimes is too expensive. HK Taxi is a local app which includes all the predominant red colored taxi’s here in Hong Kong. Though public transport is excellent there are numerous taxi’s catering to shorter commute needs of people. A word of advise, usage of taxi for hopping between islands can be costly affair. Know the geography well, HK has several districts. The main part is an Island, then there are Kwaloon and New territories on mainland (China) and then there is Lantau island where you have HK airport.

4. Hong Kong Taxi translator:

This application is amazing. when you board a local taxi here, communicating the destination is always a problem. maybe because expats cannot sing the location names (sorry for racy joke but its funny). So in this app you just put your destination and it shows exact Chinese translation for your location. Put that in face of the taxi driver and he will take you to your exact spot.

5. Klook:

Who doesn’t love some saving on the go!. Klook is like Groupon, since groupon HK does not have an app that i why I’m not adding Groupon here. Klook is another application which has major travel/exploring related deals starting from disneyland , Macau, Ocean park etc. Just select the city name and it will give you all deals available and you can definitely save some bucks on the go.

Apart from these 5 app I have an honorable mention for you “My Hong Kong guide” this official HK tourism web application would give your details of all great tourist spots and best ways to reach there. This also provides details on events and activities going on in HK. There are more detailed applications for Disneyland and Oceans park but this application sums up all major intrest in HK very well.

So its all set for you, you know how to travel in Hong Kong, where to go, what to do and how to keep your stomach happy. Just book your hotel and flights and enjoy the Asia’s World City or The Pearl of the Orient. 

Let me know if you need more details on anything related to your travel, would be happy to help.


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